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FLITTERBAT - The Video Game - Demo Version 2

FLITTERBAT – The Video Game – Demo Version 2


Version two has three exciting new levels – Easy, Harder and Rock Hard. Use all four arrows on your keyboard to control the Flitterbat – Left, Right, Up and Down. Rocks are safe in the first cave but if you hit a rock in caves 2 and 3 you lose your score and return to the start of the level. All the bugs (insects) must be caught to progress to the next level. Watch out for moving bugs and spinning rocks. Complete all 3 levels to release the Bat Swarm!

The game is entirely free to play and will load in the free Unity Web Player. All feedback (good or bad) is be appreciated – please leave a comment! Please link to the game on your blog, Facebook or Twitter etc.  We would love to see your Flitterbat game attempts on YouTube.


Flitterbat Demo 1

Flitterbat - The Video Game - Splash Screen

FLITTERBAT – The Video Game – Original Demo Version 1










Be the Flitterbat! – Catch The Bugs! Avoid The Rocks!

This is the original single level prototype of the Flitterbat video game. It features mainly black and white hand-drawn artwork inspired by the spooky Limbo game (check it out in the ad below) with exotic coloured bugs adding a splash of colour.  The concept was to make a fairly simple game along the lines of the infamous Flappy Bird but with a highly manoeuvrable character which could fly in all directions, explore the environment and return for any bugs which may have been missed at the first attempt. The sound effects don’t always synch-up properly in this version.

All rocks are hazardous in the prototype and hitting any will send you back to the start of the level. Many players have said this version is tricky to play and requested an easier first level – this has been provided in the second version.

In the prototype of Flitterbat the bug score counts up from zero to 40 as you catch the bugs whereas they count down in Version 2 so you can quickly check how many you still need to collect to complete the level.

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