Updates by Steve Greaves

1  Oct 2014 – Demo Version 2

Flitterbat Version 2 Free-To-Play Video Game Demo is released. It features 3 new levels each progressively more difficult than the last.


12 July 2014 – New Website

Flitterbat gets his own website:


Easter 2014 – Flitterbat Concept

The concept of Flitterbat is born! The fully-fledged idea came to me in a flash one day as I was brushing my teeth. I wanted to create a simple, easy to play fun 2D game – a kind of platformer without platforms. The infamous Flappy Bird is the inspiration for the first version but the bat character needs to be more manoeuvrable so that he can explore his environments which will grow more complex with each release. He is also able to back-track to any part of the level to collect any missed bugs as he needs every last one to complete each level.

The video game will remain free-to-play for the foreseeable future.



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