Flitterbat is the exciting new video game by British indie game developer/artist Steve Greaves.

It is a work-in-progress in its early stages featuring hand-drawn artwork and physics-driven mechanics using state-of-the-art Unity3d game development software. It plays in the free to download Unity Web Player on PC and Mac and will soon be available for tablets and mobiles.

Examples of artwork can be found on the Artwork page including backgrounds, characters, and screenshots of the actual Flitterbat video game.

You can find both currently available versions of Flitterbat here on this website – the original single level prototype and the three level version 2 demo. Keep checking back to see progress on the game and find out expected release dates for Android, iOS etc.

Follow Steve on Twitter – @SteveGreavesArt

See also:  SteveGreaves.com



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