FLITTERBAT – The Video Game – a work in progress…

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Flitterbat - The Video Game - Cave 1 with purple background and green rock.

Flitterbat – The Video Game – Cave Design Colour Test.

A sneak preview of the Flitterbat video game (unfinished demo version 2) showing the new colour scheme of purple with eerie green lights.


Exotic Caterpillar - a collectable bug

Exotic Caterpillar – Collectable Bug

Exotic Caterpillar is one of the many weird and wonderful inhabitants of the caves. The Flitterbat must catch them all to progress through the levels.


Flitterbat - Cave Line Drawing

Flitterbat – Cave Line Drawing

Cave Sketch – a line drawing sketch using black fine-liner pen. On the right are Pantone Marker colour tests in shades of grey.


Flitterbat Print Screen 1 12 May 2014

Screenshot of the first cave level within Unity3d software

An early screenshot showing basic construction of the cave  before any cave artwork was added in. The Flitterbat bat character is still a white silhouette at this stage.  The dark areas in the cave structure (bottom left) are the “collider boxes” which the bat can crash into. If you hit these you return to the start of the game and lose your points! This is how the game looked on 23 April 2014.



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